Seasonal Australian natives

Seasonal Australian natives
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Product Details

Our seasonal Australian native flowers bunch. 

Beautifully fresh flowers made into a rustic bouquet, a lovely and stylish gift for anyone. Australian native flowers are long lasting as they are acclimated to the Australian environment and can be easily dried to last even longer. 

As Australian native flowers vary seasonally, we ask our local flora providers to send us their best flowers and foliage, which of course depends greatly on the weather. 

Because of this your bouquet may vary from the photo as we may have to adjust the native bouquet style using Australian native flower varieties available at the time of purchase.

Please note that this is a seasonal product, pictured flowers may be replaced and the bouquet will be sent with seasonal flowers that are available at the time of purchase. This may include dry local or native flowers.

Regardless we will strive to keep the overall aesthetic similar to the pictured bouquet. 

Substitution Policy: While every effort is made to ensure the product and colour selected will be used, circumstances may arise due to seasonal availability where containers and flower colours and varieties may be substituted with that of the same or higher value and suitability. If the contents vary dramatically the customer will be notified for permission to substitute.

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